Other Projects
Angtoria"God has a plan for us all" (2006)
Swedish black metal band Angtoria’s second release. I’ve known composer and guitar player Tommy Rehn for many years and simply got asked to do a guest appearance. Sarah Jezebel Deva known from Cradle of Filth on vocals.

Evil Masquerade "Third Act" (2006)
Another great job from my old friend Henrik. Did a cool keysolo on this one. I am also glad I got Apollo hooked up in this project. Apollo is doing a fine appearance on this record. Oh! My old keyboard hero is on this masterpiece as well. Bow to Mr. David Rosenthal!!!


Evil Masquerade
"Theatrical Madness
" (2005)
Second record from my Danish mate Henrik Flyman. Theatrical metal with former Royal Hunt vocalist Henrik Brockmann. Did a guest solo on a very nice ballad. I think André Andersen will do something as well.

Iron Mask "Hordes of the Brave" (2005)
Goetz Mohre and Oliver Hartmann ,all backroung and lead vocals
Richard Andersson all lead keys
Dushan Petrossi all accoustic and electric guitars
Vassili Moltchanov Bass
Anton Arkhipov drums,background keys

Did two solos for Dushan's latest record.
Celesty "Legacy of Hate" (2004)
Finnish band Celesty’s upcoming record. Got asked by the band to do a guest appearance. Did one metal key solo on this record. Great stuff!

Karmakanic "Wheel of Life" (2004)
Jonas Reingold’s second masterpiece featuring Göran Edman (ex. Yngwie Malmsteen), Roine Stolt (The Flowerkings). Did one very long key solo on this great record that I think it’s pretty cool!

Evil Masguerade "Welcome To the Show" (2004)
Once again my friend from Denmark Henrik Flyman. This time with Evil Masquerade featuring Henrik Brokman (ex. Royal Hunt) André Andersson (Royal Hunt) Mats Olausson (ex. Yngwie Malmsteen) and me. Did one solo on this one as a kind of key solo duel with Mr. Andersson and me.

Karmakanic "Entering the Spectra" (2002)
My fellow and label mate Jonas Reingold's super project. This is really great music in veins of The Flower Kings, Pink Floyd, King's X you name it. A lot of different musicians on this album including Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic) and Göran Edman (ex. Yngwie Malmsteen). Did one solo on this production. Very great sound as well.

Silver Seraph "Silver Seraph" (2002)
Another friend and label mate to me, Pete Sandberg (Alien, Midnight Sun, Snake Charmer). Traditional hard rock music like Rainbow, Deep Purple and Malmsteen. Did some composing as well as I play all the keyboards on the record. Did some great solos to. Once again some trouble during the recordings. Probably to the fact that strange musicians and people were involved.

Zool "Zool" (2002)
My Swedish and now Danish friend Henrik Flyman. Composer and guitar player in the band Zool, earlier in Moahni Moahna. Music in the same spirit of Rainbow and Black Sabbath. Very good singer. Could qualify in Dio if Ronnie wants to quit. I did one guest playing solo.

Midnight Sun "Metalmachine" (2001)
Once again a work from Jonas Reingold but this time with Jake Samuels (ex. Talisman) on vocals. Assume the point with this record was to follow the concept of Hammerfall. I did one neoclassical keyboard solo on this record.
Adagio "Sanctus Ignis" (2001)
My French friend and guitar player Stephan Forte with his debut album Sanctus Ignis. Some great musicians on this record. David Redaman on vocals (Pink Cream 69), Dirk Bruinenberg on drums (Elegy, Consortium Project), Franck Hermanny on bass and me on keys. I did some great keyboard solos, but unfortunately some (brilliant) producer added loads of chorus and flanger and, God knows what! On the solo key sound. Anyway! This is a great record with great songs and great sound. To neoclassical progressive metal lovers: Buy it!

Mansson "Arch of Decadence" (1999)
Composer and songwriter Michael Månsson's debut album. Me on keys, Anders Johansson (Malmsteen, Johansson Brothers) on drums and a bunch of other people. Traditional hard rock music no more no less. Did all the keys including one solo. Distributed by Point Music.